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50 themes for [ profile] 1sentence

Fandom: Jurassic Park III

Pairing: Dr. Alan Grant/Billy Brennan

Theme set: Delta

Rating: PG-13 for mild+ sexual references

Disclaimer: The characters and franchise all belong to the mighty Universal™ studios and Amblin™ entertainment. Me not own. Glad do not own. Could not have made such a gay film on my own if I tried.

The general title belongs to John Denver (I'm willing to bet that Alan has a secret tape of the Rocky Mountain collection stashed in the pickup somewhere…)

A/N: Set before, during and after the film so some bits may refer to whatever is canon at the time (basically the parts where Billy is still presumed dead). Before/after bits may be vaguely AUish but then everything in this fandom is anyways.
I re-watched the movie a few times while doing this, one of those times with my brother who usually always rolls his eyes at my slashy references but after watching it again had to agree to the age old saying - 'Don't see the slash? That's like not noticing the dinosaurs..."

Some Days Are Diamonds (Some Days Are Stone)

01 – Air

His first gulp of air upon surfacing from the river tastes vaguely of Montana and Alan.

02- Apples

Through the copper of blood and sour of fear Alan can taste the apple Billy had eaten before last blowing the raptor chamber back home at the dig.

03 – Beginning

The first time he meets Billy it's at a university café with a silly complicated menu and he'd hesitated before ordering; Billy flirted with the waitress to keep her from wandering and Alan could already tell that this one would be trouble.

04 – Bugs

After Alan takes the bee sting out with his teeth their hands stay like that for far too long.

05 – Coffee

The number of empty paper cups in the small can beside Billy's bed is steadily advancing towards industrial but Alan will be damned if he goes to sleep right now.

06 –Dark

The tent is dark, Alan is silent, and Billy gathers his clothes and the broken pieces of his heart in silence.

07 – Despair

For the rest of his life, though that seems pretty short now, Alan will have to live knowing that even though he should have, he didn't yell "I love you."

08 – Doors

The key to Alan's apartment just seems to show up on Billy's keychain one day; it stays as the other keys begin to disappear.

09 – Drink

The glasses clink together as Billy collects them from the den, he doesn't remember what Alan tastes like under the whiskey.

12 – End

He'd always thought their ending would involve something tall with dark hair and broad shoulders, not flapping wings and iron claws.

13 – Fall

As the cage door slams behind them Alan already knows that for the rest of his life he'll be watching Billy fall.

14 – Fire

The fake leather of the cliché colored little book melts in the flames of the campfire as Billy draws back his hand and whispers "Just you," into Alan's mouth.

15 – Flexible, 42 – Strange

"I'm quite sure the human body cannot bend that way Mr. Brennan."

"Only a fool never admits to being wrong," he says as Billy unhooks his foot from behind Alan's neck.

16 – Flying

Ian catches the red-eye to New Jersey and drops backpack unceremoniously at the hospital door; Alan, holding Billy's hand, doesn't turn to face him just yet.

17 – Food

"You could at least have the dignity to look scandalized," says Alan, still sheepishly holding up whipped cream and fudge.

18 – Foot

Alan always saves for the last the place where their claws had dug into Billy's flesh and Alan's heart.

19 – Grave

Alan's already decided he doesn't deserve to cry over the empty grave.

20 – Green

"I brought you Jello, they seem to think it heals people around here," Alan says apologetically, holding up a plastic cup with fidgety hands.

21 – Head

There are times in the river where the wall between dead and alive begins to crumble; the cramp of his fingers on Alan's hat keeps a few bricks standing.

22 – Hollow

As the Raptor pack closes in on them some part of Alan is happy Billy went first; it will make his turn almost easy.

23 – Honor

On a creaking raft sailing foreign blood-laced waters to their statistically necessary end, Alan Grant closes his eyes and begs forgiveness from the god he doesn't believe in.

24 – Hope, 11 – Earth

"Bet ya 50 they're all dead," the first medic says to the second and third as they hoist Billy into the helicopter; if they're right Billy already knows he'll never be able to smell Montana soil ever again.

26 – Lost

Billy isn't sure where Alan goes sometimes when he's fucking him, he doesn't ask because so far he's always come back.

27 – Metal, 050 – Wood, 25 – Light

The ring is waiting for Billy under a bone he could swear he'd dug up yesterday.

The answer doesn't wait but comes to find Alan most certainly not nervous in the warm stale storage room going over charts for the fifth unnecessary time.

In the deafening silence amidst the neatly labeled storage compartments Billy says "Yes" into the warm space between their breaths.

28 – New

Ellie has the grace to blush at Ian's lewd comments as they arrive to find a still dusty and blood covered Alan asleep beside Billy's bed.

29 – Old

If they should be laughing at the waitress who asked Billy if he would like to order the same drink as his father then how come they aren't?

30 – Peace, 10 – Duty

The clarity of his mind startles him; it shouldn't be this way so soon after Billy.

He watches the kid flip his raptor claw nervously in his hand and knows that there will be time for Billy later.

31 – Poison

Alan won't take whatever the doctors try to give him, if he falls asleep who will promise him Billy when he wakes up?

32 – Pretty

What an unfortunate way to learn that regret makes Billy even more beautiful.

33 – Rain

For the first time Alan is grateful for the same rain that destroys his digs, it hides the tears so well.

34 – Regret

But more so than many other things, as the cage drowns Alan regrets never telling Ellie the truth about Billy.

35 – Roses

"Aw shucks Dr. Grant, you shouldn't have," Billy ducks from Alan's half hearted shove and smiles as he brings the bouquet up for a smell.

36 – Secret

"Dude, you could so hide it better." his college roommate remarks in his ear at a conference; he'd been staring at Alan again.

37 – Snakes

Billy's fingers tighten around his as Harrison lunges forward into the pit, Alan smiles despite himself.

38 – Snow

"Billy I'm not paying 4 dollars for ice and artificial syrup," he says, already reaching for his wallet.

39 – Solid

The first time Billy thinks 'I love you' Alan has lost his balance and crushed the entire length of himself to Billy – knocking out his air and better judgment.

40 – Spring, 43 – Summer

May means a freshman crew of pretty girls and pretty boys who never tire of flirting with Billy.

August means goodbye to the crew whose pretty girls and pretty boys have learned the difference between bone and rock and that 4 months of strategic cleavage and biceps are worth nothing compared to the smallest wink from Dr. Grant.

41 – Stable

Alan's vaguely concerned he's developed something of a co-dependent relationship with Billy's vitals monitor.

42 – Strange

Ian's a good guy but Alan still doesn't buy what he's peddling, chaos could not have brought him Billy.

44 – Taboo

They never say anything about having done the math between their birthdays.

45 – Ugly

Sometimes when Billy closes his eyes in defeat of the Montana sun he can almost believe Alan when he touches the scars and says "Beautiful."

46 – War

Billy's never said anything but Alan knows not to call his parents when they get back.

47 – Water

The steady stream washes away his second adventure and what remains of Billy's death; the guilt will stay no matter how hard he scrubs.

48 – Welcome

Billy shifts sleepily in the narrow bed to make room for Alan beside him; the nurses smile amongst themselves and say nothing.

49 – Winter

Late December finds Alan frowning on a bench outside the photography goods shop downtown, he doesn't know who the fuck he's kidding anymore, Billy deserves someone who can at the very least tell an over-friendly questioning shopgirl that the Christmas gift she's wrapping is for a lover.

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