Jul. 3rd, 2007 08:01 am
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Cut for [ profile] miarr, because she hasn't seen Last of the Time Lords yet. Oh just you wait for this weekend my pretty... Our LoM weekend of debauchery was nothing compared to this.

I can't stop watching one bit of the Last of the Time Lords confidential. It's only a few short seconds of footage from after the Master dies, the director yells cut and David Tennant immediately disentangles himself from John Simm (not even stopping to help him into sitting position). He then quietly stands up, turns his back to the crew and walks over to the opposing wall.

Why do I find that almost as emotionally stirring as the scene itself?

And I say only a few short seconds because I literally cannot bring myself to watch the full behind-the-scenes footage of that part, where he's just wailing in this horrible, soul-skewering sort of way and it's even worse than what made it to the final cut.

But on the other hand I'm dying to watch it, I need to watch it. Like Tennant's video diary of filming Doomsday, where the both of them are still terribly emotional even when the set is already being wrapped up.

I don't know really. Is it because I understand acting in principle but not in practice? Is it that level of submersion in a fictional being, that I know I could never emulate, why I'm just so utterly fascinated by the thought of the Doctor lingering on for a few brief moments after the cameras stop rolling?

And then they cut to Tennant who's... not embarrassed, but sort of still affected by that performance when he has to talk about it.

Maybe I'm moved because it's an affirmation of sorts that it's being taken seriously, so marvelously seriously, by the people creating it. Because it's like when I say to anyone in RL that I cried during the Who finale they look at me all... it's the same look I imagine I'd get if I told them I read fic.
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