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I’ve never done one of these before so I hope I get it right. First of all just by offering any of these fandoms you’re already pretty awesome in my book, so yay you!

Oh and don’t be alarmed by the ginormous gap in my LJ posting, I promise that I’m both real and alive – I've just been a little inactive for some time (but hey, what better way could there be to jump back into things than Yuletide?).

Ahem, so, preferences. By and large I tend towards the more serious end of the ficcish spectrum, so I’m not really the crack tentacle-AU type (despite loving L’Engle). But while I’m a stalwart fan of brooding angsty prose, I’m also something of a big old sop deep inside so don’t worry about getting sentimental or fluffy. Gen, het, slash, and their respective myriad of combinations – ALL EXCELLENT.

Okay, now to the fandoms:

Madeleine L’Engle – While I’m fond of the later sequels, I will admit that when I think of Meg, Calvin and Charles Wallace it’s usually within the context of ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ and ‘A Wind in the Door.’ It’s not that I’m only interested in stories set during that timeframe so much as it is that I simply connect more strongly to the spirit of those books (and the events, characterizations and relationships within them). That isn’t to say that I wouldn’t love references to later events, Polly and regenerative starfish and the whole shebang. I singled out Calvin in my request because I always wanted to delve deeper into his view of the events before AWIT and up until ‘A Swiftly Tilting Planet.’ When I was little I was always so happy that he finally got the family he deserved, but when I reread the series now I also know it still must have hurt him terribly.

Star Wars RPF – Oh you brave, brave soul. If you offered this then I assume that you already have some idea of what you want to write, and what angle interests you. If this wasn’t one of the fandoms you offered, but you’re mortified curious, allow me to provide a few tidbits that may help you adjust your RPF receptor frequency. Decades of canon may seem daunting, but at the end of the day it can be condensed into the following eras:
- Early beginnings – from the auditions through filming to the first sparks of fan hysteria
- The franchise heydays – trials and tribulations of fame, Mark’s accident, Carrie’s troubled personal life, Harrison’s rising star
- The post-franchise period – Harrison’s zenith and the others’ struggle to deal with their own careers
- Current years - thrown together for the re-release of the films as Ford’s star wanes, growing old in the industry…

Some audio/visual aids: All dolled up , Aww... , Yes, but *who* is he really trying to kiss? , Oh so very young , Welcome to the 80s
Mark (with Harrison) and Carrie audition
Too much time between takes
Oh boys...

RPF: Formula 1 – I started watching F1 in 2000, which in my opinion is still the finest year of the Schumacher/Häkkinen rivalry. Okay, okay, 1998 was pretty damn awesome too but I didn’t get to experience that live so I’m still kind of bitter about it. I can’t think of another sport, except for boxing maybe, that’s anywhere as personal as racing is, as intimate. And there’s a lot to work with this year, namely Michael’s possible return to the wheel and the reports that Mika’s getting divorced. Again, it really doesn't have to be slashy if that doesn't float your boat

Because they love each other really

Keeping the Faith - I admit that this last request is my attempt to adhere to the ‘at least one easy fandom’ rule of thumb, but that by no means implies that it’s a lesser request. Yes, it is indeed just an average rom-com - but wow, talk about untapped potential. I get why certain things didn’t happen, and why things wrapped up the way that they did, but I’ve still always wanted more. So like I said in the prompt – go dark, go raw, and go way beyond PG.

That’s it basically. I hope that this has been of use to you, and that I haven’t driven you to despair yet. I’m really quite stupidly thrilled just knowing that someone will be writing any of these, so please accept my warmest thanks in advance.

Bye till reveal day!
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